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LISD slate claiming to support parental rights really thinks parents are "vipers and serpents"

I want to thank the Leander ISD Council of PTAs for hosting the October 18 Candidate Forum. It was a well-organized, well-run, and well-attended event. And the two LISD student moderators did a great job asking the questions.

Unfortunately, one of the candidates, Mike Sanders, had to be removed by police after he twice violated rules set by the Council of PTAs and shared with, and agreed upon by, all candidates, and then wouldn't leave, per the rules, when asked. Mike is part of a slate of candidates that includes my opponent, and they keep saying parents need more control and engagement. Well, last night Mike got to see what parental control and engagement looks like in action when the PTA reps shut off his mic and had him escorted out. The day after the forum, in a Facebook post, Mike referred to the Council of PTAs as "a brood of vipers."

The PTA is made up of parents and teachers who are working to make their schools as strong as possible and to support the educators who are preparing the future. PTAs (and PTOs) are incredible volunteers and advocates for public education. I have served on PTA boards with parents in the past and have been humbled by the talent and passion of those servant leaders. I believe strongly in and stand strongly with our PTAs, and that is why I am a dues-paying member of every single PTA in the district.

Look, the choice in this election is clear. There are those who believe public education represents the greatest hope for providing the most opportunity for all students, and that trustees are nonpartisan stewards of public resources, responsible for ensuring all students have access to quality schools led by great teachers and strong leaders.

Then there are those who are using political playbooks from national political action groups to disrupt locally driven and locally accountable governance models, and whose proposals only seek to represent the interests of some students and some parents. And they certainly aren't champions of teachers.

Trustees are responsible for representing the interests of all students, all educators and staff, all taxpayers, and our entire community. I ask you to look at who has a demonstrated track record of success in these areas. I ask you to look at who has command of the issues and a vision for what our district can be. I ask you to look at who conducts themselves like professionals who care about the nuances of policy and who respect the process of dialogue and debate.

I ask you to vote for those who have shown a serious commitment to building a better future for our district. I believe if you do that, the choice in this election is clear. And I hope to have your support and your vote.

Click the photo below to watch the Leander ISD School Board Candidate Forum video:

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