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Where you can find hope in the future

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

If you’re looking for hope in the future, don’t look for it in the headlines. Don’t look for it in the depths of social media. Don’t look for it in the politics of school board elections.

If you want to find hope, spend time in a Leander ISD school. Volunteer in a classroom. And watch our teachers and staff in action. When I am in schools, I am inspired over and over by the care for our students, for our communities, and for the future of our state.

Today, tens of thousands of Leander ISD students, teachers, and staff members walked through the doors of their schools and recommitted to delivering on the promise of education — a promise that is central to the American dream.

I am so proud of those of you who are working in our schools, and I hope the first full day back was a reminder of the importance of your work. I am so thankful for the parents and community members who support our schools in so many ways. And I am eager to see what our students achieve, this year and going forward, because of your efforts.

We have a lot of challenges before us, and a lot of things going for us. Let’s make the most of this moment in time and come together to make this a great year. #1LISD #1Thing

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